SpaceChain Weekly Report (September 9 to 15)

SpaceChain partners with Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA) while the tech team performs a phased unit test of the space node software.






SpaceChain today announced its affiliation with the Singapore Space and Technology Association (SSTA), an organization that focuses on developing Singapore’s space and related high technology industries.


“Singapore has the hearts and minds that can propel us to strategic space hub status, leveraging our talented workforce, innovative society and entrepreneurial mindset to put Singapore in the forefront of the most exclusive fraternity on the planet, and beyond, with a group of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference for tomorrow’s world,” said Jonathan Hung, SSTA President. Read more here.





Blockchain node in space


  • The team performed a phased unit test of the space node software. 
  • The overall workflow of space node is divided into node initialization phase and business processing phase by stage.
  • The node initialization phase is divided into three sub-phases: public key exchange, first-order verification and second-order verification.
  • The business processing stage is divided into four sub-phases: data file check parsing, retained file processing, transaction signature, and bet command execution. The test is currently in progress.
  • After the unit test is completed, the team will conduct a continuous business test on space node to verify its long-term work stability.

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