SpacePharma: Biological and chemical lab testing in microgravity

SpacePharma’s DIDO nanosatellite (SpacePharma)

Israeli aerospace company SpacePharma provides its customers with end-to-end microgravity testing services. Biological and chemical experiments conducted in microgravity can help scientists in multiple fields including vaccine development, virus research and agricultural innovation.

In partnership with SpacePharma, SpaceChain is exploring placing blockchain payloads on SpacePharma’s satellites. This helps expand blockchain space applications into space testing and provides data security for space trials as well as collaborative experiments among multiple platforms. At the same time, both parties are discussing developing space-based test-related applications based on SpaceChain OS to explore the multi-functional applications of satellites.

Currently, security reasons have made it virtually impossible to conduct experiments on the International Space Station. With this collaboration, research institutions can now save time and cost by engaging SpacePharma’s services, while SpaceChain’s use of blockchain technology introduces new vitality for aerospace engineering and encourages the involvement of other relevant businesses.   

SpaceChain’s main mission is to explore various applications of space and blockchain. We’re excited to partner with a strong company like SpacePharma to explore great potential together,” said SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng.

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