SpaceTide 2019 – Accelerating Space Business, Visions become Reality

SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng found himself at this year’s Space Tide in Tokyo, Japan. This congregation of space entrepreneurs and space experts discussed the frontiers of rising space technologies and services providing various perspectives and angles.

Zee Zheng was one of the 5 start-up pitchers at the conference alongside Jordan Vannitsen, Co-founder and CEO of ODYSSEUS, Adam Gilmour, Founder and CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies, Yuki Hanyu, CEO of IntegriCulture, Inc. and Yozan Takahashi, CEO of OUTSENSE.

Already in its fourth year, this year’s theme was “Accelerating Space Business, Visions become Reality.” Topics included best practices of international cooperation, evolution of launch services and the impact on the space businesses, feasibility and market potential of in-orbit service, and innovating space business through space tech.

Since SpaceChain started in November 2017, the project has already launched two blockchain-enabled satellite payloads into low earth orbit and successfully performed a space-based multi-signature transaction, proving that software developers can upload their applications onto the satellite for commercial purposes.

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