SPC Weekly Report (July 2 to 8)

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Blockchain node in space

  • Spacechain node basic version BSP completed

Following last week’s successful initialization of the SpaceChain OS minimum system using the SpaceChain node’s test board, the team has completed the driver development of NorFlash, UART and CAN peripherals and added it to the original BSP framework to form the basic version BSP this week.

The NorFlash memory will be used as the node system boot memory in the future, the UART peripheral will provide the debug interface for the later software development, and the CAN controller enables the node to exchange information with the platform through the CAN bus.

The node test board with the basic version of BSP will conduct the overall communication link test in future to ensure normal communication between the nodes. At the same time, the driver development and debugging work of other peripherals system will be performed in parallel on another node test board.

  • The test plan of SpaceChain node overall link was determined

Last week, the communication protocol between the nodes in the whole link system was determined after discussion. This week, the team designed a test plan for the communication protocol between adjacent nodes and the overall communication link system for the previous link framework. The team will conduct an overall communication link test next week once technical details of the test plan are confirmed.

Open source system SpaceChain OS

OS development work:

  • Migration of the new version of virtual machine has started

Recently, Qtum officially updated the Qtum client core: Qtum wallet core. This week the software team started migrating the latest version to SpaceChain OS. At present, cross-compilation and platform migration of dependency library has been completed. Next week, the team will begin migrating the software core code.

Meanwhile, the improved version of the virtual machine that has been patched to the previous version released on GitHub has begun the functional testing and stress testing.

SpaceChain hardware

Development of demo board:

Based on the last week’s work (successfully running Qtum on the H3 board), the first edition of relevant experimental documents has been completed this week. The target user of the board is set to be beginners. The documents cover all range including hardware preparation, basic system transfer, and final testnet that contains Qtum block synchronization, auditing and transfer. Beginners can follow the instruction step by step to complete the initial experiment.

This week, we continue to migrate SpaceChain OS and determine the software requirements and the SpaceChain OS’s basic functions requirements. In addition, we also finished a demonstration of function and Qtum’s design optimization for SpaceChain OS. At present, the BSP migration has been completed and entered the stage of the test verification.


In the news:

Community Activities:

  • We would like to welcome our new Chief Marketing Officer Eric Desatnik.

Named to the list of “The best public-relations people in the tech industry” by Business Insider, Eric Desatnik currently runs Synaptic Public Relations, advising clients on communications and public relations strategies in the areas of science, technology and media.

He previously led the global Communications team at XPRIZE, the leading non-profit organization that manages high-profile competitions to encourage technological breakthroughs to benefit humanity.

He holds degrees from Yale University and Ohio University, and is on the advisory boards for WildAid and SXSW Eco.

  • On July 3, our co-founder Zuo Zheng attended the Astana Finance Days in Kazakhstan to share SpaceChain’s vision, technology and application in the financial industry.
  • During his time at Kazakhstan, Zuo Zheng also visited the national space centre there.
  • We’ve changed our Twitter handle from @Space__Chain to @SpaceChain. Be sure to follow up to stay on top of the latest news.

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