What is the SpaceChain Operating System?

The SpaceChain operating system, SpaceChain OS, has officially been online since March 2018 and the team is inviting everyone around the globe to test it out, develop it and improve the code. But before you do so, here’s what you need to know.


It is a real-time OS that supports the function of complete blockchain nodes. The OS integrates Qtum technology to create an open-source platform that will help accelerate space development, exploration, and settlement.

It essentially functions as the core backbone for many of SpaceChain’s missions as it enables compatibility between the company’s hardware and developer’s application. It acts as a bridge that lets both participants in the space arena and SpaceChain “speak” to each other in order to advance to the next stage.

Ready, set, go

SpaceChain has partnered with Acoininfo to let users design, develop, simulate, deploy, and perform testing on the platform. But before doing so, you need to get the seven-day free trial usage license by emailing info@spacechain.com. Also, Spacechain OS is built on a Sylix kernel, so you can request for a Sylix OS development kit to be installed on your computer.

The installation instructions (via a CD in the kit) are explained in detail with a step-by-step guide found here. The toolkit is constantly being upgraded so developers are advised to check back for updates from time-to-time to access the latest version.

Everyone benefits

Software (app) developers will be able to upload their applications on the satellites for commercial purposes, and the public will be able to purchase them with SpaceChain (SPC) tokens. The space community as a whole can appreciate an experience that has better overall reliability, stability, and capacity when it comes to using the apps that are uploaded on the satellites.

Some of the use cases include enabling research companies to conduct experiments in the medtech industry, tracking of shipping goods and services as well as private messaging tools for finance companies. The possibilities are endless as businesses and consumers leverage the SpaceChain OS to advance their interests across a plethora of areas within the space industry.

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