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SPC Token

The SPC token works like a digital currency in the SpaceChain ecosystem and is fully ERC-20 compatible.

Token Model

$SPC Token Features

The SPC token is plugged into DeFi instruments, thus enabling the community to unlock more financial products. The token gives the community access to other lending pools, collateral, and DEX style blockchain instruments. 

SpaceChain is building a Decentralized Satellite Infrastructure (DSI) for blockchain with satellite-based applications. Positioning our in-orbit platform, the SPC token will lead the industry, enabling developers to create payment applications on the platform. The SPC token works like a digital currency in the SpaceChain ecosystem. 

Utilities including access to machine learning features will be added to the DSI as a benefit to SPC token holders. 

The community can also look forward to SpaceChain building a payment portal to access satellite data for our partners and some other space related services. 

 For a start, SPC token can be used to unlock more financial products with its DeFi features. 

Thanks to the many businesses and companies that partner with SpaceChain, the entire network is powered by and built on this token economic model. The SPC token will serve as a means for payment and transaction at SpaceChain’s partners.


Consistent Supply & Swap Rates

Even after introducing the new token (v2), the circulation remains at 1,000,000,000 SPC. The swap is on a 1:1 equal basis.

Access to Farming/Mining

Farm SPC tokens on Gysr, which is a liquidity mining programme.

Staking Opportunities

Stake SPC-ETH LPs on SushiSwap and get DAI. 

$SPC Key Token Information

ERC-20 SPC (V2)


ERC-20 SPC (V1)


Prior to December 2020, SpaceChain had adopted a dual token model – ERC-20 and QRC-20 — to expand our footprint and engage with additional communities of developers. However, we improved our token with the ERC-20 SPC token (v2) that comes with DeFi features to open doors to better market outcomes that benefit all users of our ecosystem. Read more here.

Even with the introduction of the new token (v2), the circulating token supply remains at 1,000,000,000 SPC. The swap is on a 1:1 equal basis.

Token holders still holding on to ERC-20 SPC tokens (v1) may swap to the SPC token (v2) anytime. The swap process is optional and voluntary. To swap from (v1) to (v2), visit click here

*Note: Precaution:  Always do a test swap with a small amount first.

Trading $SPC

For details about SPC token’s circulating supply, total supply, volume and market cap, visit CoinMarketCap.

SPC Tokens are trading on the following ERC-20 v2 exchanges:



You can store $SPC on the following wallets:


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