Space-Based Multisignature Wallet Technology

Enables ultra-secure transactions for financial services like digital currency exchanges, wallet providers, and enterprise custody solutions.

Our Flagship Application

Multisignature refers to a digital asset security feature that requires multiple keys to authorize a cryptocurrency transaction rather than a single signature from one key. It adds layers of security to protect your digital assets.

To enable even greater security, SpaceChain has developed the world’s first space-based multisignature authentication service that allows users to validate their transaction through the satellite.

One of the private keys is generated after the space node is launched into orbit. It is saved in the space node during the whole service period and cannot be transmitted. This key is signed by the satellite to complete the transaction. 

The risk of physically destroying the space node is reduced greatly as it runs on orbit around the earth. In addition, the measurement, control and data transmission of the space node uses the aerospace-specific code encryption protocol and communication band, making the data hard to decrypt.

How It Works

Solution Overview

Our multisignature wallet technology is in-demand because of…

Last Line of Defence

Helps keep your customers’ funds secure even if one of their keys is compromised.

Away from the Earth

Highly protects your business from external cybersecurity threats owing to the satellite in space.

Reduces Internal Security Risks

Greatly minimizes your risk of suffering from employee mistakes and internal fraud as you are able to increase the number of employee signatures required to move funds.

Safe & Convenient

Lets you enjoy better processes and become more attractive to your customers by integrating a unique and highly secure multisig transaction scheme into your platform.

Core Features

SpaceChain’s multisig authentication service enables ultra-secure transactions for digital currency exchanges, wallet providers and enterprise custody solutions.

Unlimited Signatures

Able to include as many signatures as you require for your business, however one of the keys is stored in the space node for extra security.

Security & Safeguards

Safeguards your transactions against physical attacks thanks to the remoteness of space.

Perpetual Encryption

Offline end-to-end encrypted satellite communication also vastly increases the security of each transaction. 

Protect Your Digital Assets

Looking to empower your token with the space-based multisig technology just like Bitcoin, ETH, and Qtum? Or protect your customers’ digital assets on your platform? Contact us to find out how SpaceChain can help integrate its solutions to your business. 


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